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Chapter 43 – This city has returned into the usual

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A whip made of blood attacked them.
They tried to guard with a sword, but somehow the whip slipped through.


After a powerful blow, the two were blown away together.

"Ha ha ha, my blood can either be solidified like a sword or fluidized like water." (Vlad)

Furthermore, Vlad's blood split like a multi-headed snake, attacking them in unison.
It wrapped around the hands and feet of the two and made them lose their movement.

"Well, it's easy to kill them as it is, but it's a shame to lose such vibrant children. Oh, that's right, this is a good opportunity, I'll turn you to my kin. It's not just mere kin. Let's sublimate you into true vampires?"
"Eeh, I do not want! If you about do it, just do to Ark!" (Layla)
"Sorry I refused too!" (Ark)
"Then, beat him! Explosion!" (Layla)
"Y, you idiot... in the place like this――" (Ark)

A violent explosion happened, centered around Vlad.
Since it was indoors, there was no way for the impact to escape, and the two were blown back together and slammed against the wall.

"Ark, Layla!" (Raina)
"The two are all fine" (Arel)

I protected Raina by hitting the shock wave with a slash.

When it finally subsided, the walls, ceiling, and floor of the room were greatly damaged, and numerous cracks were running.
A red flame was burning in the center of the room.
From the back, Vlad appeared quietly.

"Geez, You kids are doing ridiculous things, but no matter how powerful it is, normal magic can't kill me." (Vlad)

The burns of his whole body were recovered in an instant.
What incredible immortality.

Ark and Layla almost crashed into the wall due to that impact, but thanks to it, they were able to escape from the blood whip restraint.
Their wound had been recovered by <Divine Protection>.

"If so, how about use 'it'! Let's go, Ark!" (Layla)
"Okay, Layla" (Ark) 
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They held hands together and raised it forward.
Vlad tries to ask what the two wanted to do, but he was quietly looking at the two as if he was confident in his immortality.

Layla's magical power split into three different attributes.
It had three colors: red, yellow, and white.

On the other hand, Ark's magical power also split into three attributes.
It was blue, green, and black.

Eventually, the three kinds of magical powers were mixed together, and then again, it fused further around the connected hands of the two.

Actually, this magic should be released by oneself.
However, the two currently could only build up one to three formulas at the same time.
That was why they decided to share it into two.

It was a trick that could be done by twins whose magical powers were almost identical.
If some humans with a completely different magical power tried to do it, it would not be able to fuse well at the end, and if they did poorly, it would have exploded.


In an instant, everything in front of them disappeared.
Even air was no exception.
Of course that vampire as well.

"...Ha?" (Raina)

Next to me, Raina had her mouth opened.

"What, what has happened?" (Raina)
"Just now is the annihilation magic" (Arel)
"Annihilation magic...?" (Raina)
"It's magic that erases all kinds of substances from this world. It can only be done only by learning all six kinds of magic and combining them together. The two activated it with two persons." (Arel)
"... what kind of horrible magic are you teaching your children..." (Raina)
"I taught them, but they've never been managed to do." (Arel)

In other words, it was their first to succeed at the last minute.

There were words such as 'When you are in a very urgent situation, you will be incredibly powerful or strong', but it was not make sense.
The potential would be drawn out by the actual battle.
It was exactly what I wanted.

"By the way, I usually use it. When throwing out bulky trash, or when removing stubborn dirt. It's very convenient." (Arel)
"When we go home, you should have a firm discussion with me!" (Raina)

And if the body disappeared completely, that the true vampire ancestor even could not revive.

"……have been defeated?" (Layla)
"Unn, maybe." (Ark)
"We did it!" (Layla)

Ark and Layla exchanged a high-touch in confidence with their victory.

"Both of you did well" (Arel)
"Papa! Ehehehe!" (Layla)

Layla came running here, she laid her head out as if she wanted to be praised.
I stroked her hair lightly.

We had another night staying at Kyte's house.

Even in the middle of the night, Kyte and Kuufa were sleeping well in their room, and there was no sign of attacking.
Looking around the city, the only people walking outside were drunkards with staggered feet.

"It looks like this city has returned into the usual." (Arel)

Thus, unknowingly, we managed to save the city from the hand of the vampires.

"But, even to the Sword City, It was so unexpected that the Demon Lord's hands are so widespread." (Arel)

I also heard that western countries and cities had been completely conquered.
They couldn't be left as they were.

I made a decision.

"...Yosh, let's go to the place where the Demon Lord is for the two's next training." (Arel)

◇ ◇ ◇

"Ee, Your Majesty...I'm sorry for the report... The heroes who traveled to Haldora to save the city of Rezel, which was occupied by the Demon Army...they did not come back, no matter how many days have passed,... "
"There is information that there was a Demon Lord's Army's executive in Reizel... Probably they are already..."
"So that's……"

A heavy atmosphere filled around the throne.

They were expecting that the battle would be tougher.

The Holy Kingdom was one of the oldest nations on the continent, and thus had had many records of former heroes.
According to it, the seven heroes were summoned from a different world by the goddess.

If the Demon Lord revived, the goddess would summon the heroes again.
Many of the scholars in this country thought so.

But the heroes never appeared.
So the Holy Kingdom decided to collect the possible heroes.

So to speak, an artificial hero.
However, at first, it was planned to certify seven as heroes, but due to some problems, and eventually, it became five, and even before the departure, dark clouds had already drifted.

Of course, there was no chance of winning.
The abilities of the five people were certain, and there were some legendary armors in the treasure trove of the country that had a long history, and they generously transferred to those five.
There were even some of the armors used to be used by former heroes.

"But even so, is it impossible to beat those demons..."

There was no card they had anymore.
Perhaps there was no choice but to sit and wait for the invasion of the Demon Lord's Army to continue.
Some cities within the territory of the Holy Kingdom had already been conquered.

"B, but, there was one thing, I don't know if it can be said as good news or not..."
"You can say whatever you want. Right now, I feel like trying to find a tiny hope."
"U, understood... Actually is, there is a rumor that a family has saved a city occupied by an executive of the Demon Lord's Army..."
".........What? A family?"

Perhaps because the content was so outrageous, the King of the Holy Kingdom involuntarily inquired back.

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